The Magma Foundry is dedicated to improving Earth science education at all grade levels. To this end, we design, create and disseminate modular, stand-alone media components to accomplish a variety of pedagogical functions. Instructors can use these components to enhance or expand their courses and/or labs.

Unlike an iron foundry that produces pig iron ingots to be made into various industrial products, The Magma Foundry creates multimedia ingots, educational objects in technical speak, that can be used to construct interactive, engaging and exciting Earth science educational experiences. Our ingots are forged using Flash, QuickTime, QuickTime VR, Acrobat and other Web technologies and are Web deliverable. To find ingots that you might like to use in your class, search our foundry floor using the menu bar above. When you find an ingot you would like to use, there will be directions telling you how to download it to use on your server or how to put it in your Web pages but host it from The Magma Foundry.

We are continually creating new ingots. Feedback on posted ingots,  suggestions for new ones and insights into improving our work are all welcome and greatly appreciated. The Magma Foundry also seeks to improve communication between Earth science educators by providing a means of sharing your successes with others.

So explore the foundry and adopt or adapt those ingots you find useful. If you do use one of our ingots, please email us.
Pedagogical Tools
Recently, we have added a section with tools to improve large lecture classes. These include lecture activities and ConcepTest-like quizzes for use with classroom response systems. Check them out!
Our Newest Ingot
The cone-of-depression that develops around a well because of drawdown has been posted to TMF. Check it out!
TMF's Most Popular Ingots
Ingots Under Construction
  • gravitational attraction (dynamic visual equation)
  • S-wave velocity (a dynamic visual equation) 
To check on the development of new ingots, visit the New Stuff page. Do you have a suggestion or request for an ingot? Tell us!
Activities Using TMF Ingots
  • None yet! Would you like to create one and contribute it to The Magma Foundry?
Read some of the Presentations we have given about technology in undergraduate Earth science education.
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